Easy To Use

TutiCad's color-enriched interface and simple infrastructure that simplifies complex operations saves time for both your staff and you, allowing you to have a beautiful user experience at the same time.

Easy Using

Everything in the Cloud

TutiCad benefits from cloud technology to the fullest by providing advantages such as online order entry and virtual pos integration, which works independently of the physical location and is constantly up-to-date thanks to remote management.


TutiCad includes all kinds of reports with different details that a glassmaker might need, as well as a Report Designer for customizing these reports. In addition, more than one label, invoice, delivery note, etc. It is possible to define the design and use it simultaneously.


Costing Management

TutiCad also successfully performs cost analysis and management, which is one of the most important things a glazier software should do. You can calculate the closest cost to net cost with TutiCad both on order basis and product basis. In this way, your bid preparation process becomes very easy.