Restrict to enter orders for the past has been removed.
Fixed some problems in opening and updating Current Card.
Some localization adjustments have been made.

License warning error fixed.
Bug fixes were made in the barcode module.
Fixed the problem of shaped glass interlacing.

Remittance Receipt has been added to make transfers between currents.
Added new theme and palette options.
Fixed the issue where the warning sounds were not playing.
Minor bugs in the personnel module and some statements have been fixed.
Improvements and bug fixes were made in the barcode module.

Another great innovation! Now you will be able to easily draw the angular glass and show it in the report as well as transfer it directly to the Opty-Win optimization program.
You can now edit and save the columns of the tables in the order entry, order list and optimization transfer windows as you wish and make them permanent. In this way, you can get a leaner image by removing the columns that you do not use.
Improvements were made to the shipping module.
General bug fixes and acceleration studies were carried out.

Great innovation! You can now draw the shape of the hole-processed glasses, print them on the reports and import them directly into the Opty-Win optimization software.
Another great innovation! Now you can transfer any Excel file with glass size, quantity and stock code to the order, no matter what format it is. You can define the template you use as the default.
The partial loading feature, which eliminates waiting due to too much data when opening the Order List, has been activated.
Due to the incompatibility with different themes, color and theme adjustments were made to the colorings in the tables, resulting in a more modern look.
Increased detail in error logs.
General bug fixes and acceleration studies were made.

Up to 90% speed increase was achieved when opening all reports.
General error removal and optimization studies were carried out.

TutiCad's component infrastructure has been completely updated and new theme options have been added by changing the default theme.
Editing report files is now simpler, you will be able to edit the current report directly by clicking the Design button on the report viewer.
The option to cancel the order has been brought back to the Order Status options.
The Daily Activity Report has been optimized and opened much faster.
General performance improvement and bug fixes were made.

Shipment module improvements were made.
Added two new language options, Spanish and German.
Added new skin themes and made it permanent for the user when any of them is selected.
Added new export option specially designed for Perfect Cut.
Grinding has been re-added to the dimension entry.
Various bug fixes and performance improvements were made.

User Authorizations window has been added and arrangements have been made for assigning different authorizations to Normal users.
Various bug fixes and performance improvements were made.

The shipping module is open to everyone with the beta version.
Restrictions on converting the approved order to an offer, opening or deleting stock and current accounts have been introduced to normal users.
Two new language options, Italian and Polish, have been added.
Performance improvements have been made.

It eliminates the slowdown problem caused by an API used.

You can now enter and track your purchase orders via TutiCad, just as the sales order has been entered.
With the Shipment Status page, you can track the amount of glass with broken waste shipped from your orders.
No more step-by-step selection to change order status.

Long descriptions have been added to all stock cards and stock selection box.
The feature of transferring the glasses in another order to the new order has been added in the same way.
A mass stock change feature has also been added to the Fast Price Change page.
A button has been added to display some order reports without entering the order.

Improvements were made in the barcode module and ports were registered on the production tracking page.
Improvements were made in the cost parameters and Glazing Glass Components group.

Visual and performance-enhancing arrangements were made in the production reports. You may need to replace some reports with default reports after the update, for this, back up the reports folder.
A wide note area has been defined to report production to production reports, and the edge fill type is now specified in the reports.
It is possible to define the Company Logo and Spacer Cut Share from the Company Information page.
Long Descriptions have also been added to the order entry screen and glass stock lists.

Glazing Cost Calculation page has been developed and detailed. Now you can calculate the cost by selecting each material used separately while calculating.
Edge Fill option has been brought to orders.
Added long description definition for glass stocks.
TutiCad logo has been renewed and performance-enhancing arrangements have been made along with some visual adjustments.

In the order module, erroneous calculations due to glass size, transaction and other inventory entries made with the mouse have been prevented, and measurements can now be entered using the mouse.
In addition, new registration entries and existing registration update processes in these entries are distinguished with green and orange buttons.
A new report has been added to the Reports section to track how much glass used in the production of Glazing is used in single glass.
When a separate price list is created for each company and the priced stock is selected, the "Sales Prices" section has been added to the Current Cards section so that the price is automatically displayed.
"Active Customers" and "Passive Customers" options have been added to the Current Cards section so that companies that you no longer work with will appear in the lists.

Credit Note and Debit Note entries have been added to the Current Transactions module.
Some performance and visual improvements have been made.

Improvements have been made in the optimization module, different order sizes combined in the batch optimization module can now be optimized at once.

Glass and order import feature from Excel file has been added to the order. The sample file format has been added to the "xslt" folder in the TutiCad home directory. In order for stocks to match correctly, the Excel code of the inventory cards must be correctly defined. You can make these definitions from the inventory cards window of the relevant inventory.

Invoice and delivery mode modules were rearranged and made more detailed. You can now combine an unlimited number of orders in one invoice or delivery note.

Update emails will no longer be sent so that you can follow the updates better. If the new version is available, the update window will open automatically when you start Tuticad, so it will be easier for you to benefit from the new updates.